Martabak Asin Bumbu Kare Enak Eco

Martabak Asin is a dish filled with eggs, carrots, potatoes and prey leaves. Asin Martabak is combined with the typical Enak Eco Curry Seasoning to produce a delicious taste and is suitable as a snack dish for the family.

 Bahan Utama :

  • Eggs 2 eggs (1 for frying, 1 for adhesive)
  • Dumpling skin/spring roll skin
  • Wortel 1 buah
  • Potatoes 1 piece
  • Prei leaves 2 sticks
  • Enough oil (for frying)
  • 1 sachet of enak eco curry seasoning

Ways of making :

  1. Sauté the carrots, potatoes, prey leaves which have been cut into small pieces, and add the scrambled eggs, stir until smooth, add 1 packet of Enak Eco curry seasoning, add a little water, stir-fry until cooked then remove.
  2. Beat 1 egg for the adhesive for the dumpling skin / spring roll skin, fill 1 sheet of spring roll / dumpling skin with the cooked filling.
  3. put the martabak into the heated oil, wait until it feels cooked, then remove the martabak
  4. The salty martabak with curry sauce, Enak Eco, is ready to be served

Resep Bumbu Enak Eco